Sloan Project on Corporate Governance

The Sloan Foundation supported Columbia Law School's inquiry into contemporary corporate governance over a period of three years. A major part of this recent inquiry was a series of conferences bringing together academics from different disciplines and different countries. Each conference usually focused on a single corporate governance issue. Most papers in this collection were produced for the underlying conference; a few were in progress independently. A good many revised conference papers have been published.

Full list of conference papers

Conference Meetings

November 22-23, 1996
Employees and Corporate Governance Conference

March 17-18, 1997
Cross-border Views of Corporate Governance
(With L’Ecole Polytechnique / Fédérale (Zürich)
(Hotel Pomereu, Paris FRANCE)

May 15-17, 1997
Comparative Corporate Governance
(Max-Planck-Institut, Hamburg GERMANY)
Co-sponsored with Max-Planck-Institute

November 7, 1997
Make versus Buy:Empirical Issues and Transaction Cost Analysis

November 14, 1997
Make versus Buy: Emerging Structures

December 5, 1997
Convergence in Corporate Governance

December 12, 1997
Financing Innovation

January 23, 1998
Residual Claimants and Alternative Structures

May 21-22, 1998
Corporate Governance Today